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Steps to drilling a water well

Seven steps of drilling a water well:


1. Choosing the right person for drilling water well:

Probably you will be interested in the prices, the working time etc. with more well- builders. Finding the reputable, licensed and qualified builder is an important part of the process. A well-builder needs to deal with it all, and does it well.


2. Consultation on the type of the well:

Would you like to catch water on ground-water or layer groundwater water? You need to pay attention to the soil structure and the stratum of the water layers.


3. Soil survey:

The soil structure and the stratum of the water layers are sounded by a drillmaster with test-drilling, if necessary.


4. Well-drilling:

The requested well is drilled out by us. Working time depends on the structure of the ground and the wanted deepness of the water layer.


5. Test-pumping:

During the test-pumping the sanding limit, the so-called pumping rate is determined, which is forbidden to exceed, because grains of sand plug and compact the filter and the well is going to be unusable.


6. Cleaning of the well:

Natural filter-cell of the well is formed by the drillmaster with professional pumping.


7. Good to know:

Working time of the complete well it takes usually 1-2 days, but due to vis maior circumstances (eg. gritty ground) this time is able to be significant longer.


Natural filter-cell

The drilled well has to be cleaned thoroughly and a so-called natural filter-cell has to be formed by professional pumping. The water pumping should be started with lower discharge intensity. After cleaning of water and becoming the working level can be increased the discharge intensity until the required water yield will be one and a half times. The pumped water yield and the water level of well have to bee measured at least hourly during the pumping.

These data are necessary to request of the water permit. After building a well, analysis of the water quality is obligatory due to the fact that this is the only way to decide the possible usage form of the water.


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